Thomas McGee Development Inc

Thomas McGee Development Inc. is a licensed General Contractor and Developer in the State of California. We represent the perfect union of tradition and innovation. Anchored in Bruce Thomas’s legacy, powered by Camille Thomas-McGee’s innovative outlook,  and driven  by Maurice McGee’s work ethic; Thomas McGee Development Inc. represents a bold movement in the development realm. With our base in the Inland Empire & Los Angeles and a burgeoning nationwide footprint, we’re poised to redefine the industry, championing diversity, excellence, and impactful change.

TMD seamlessly integrates diverse sectors – Commercial, Residential, Multifamily, and Hospitality – ensuring each venture transitions smoothly from conceptualization to construction, and ultimately to impeccable delivery. Our proficiency in pre-development stages guarantees precise feasibility studies and comprehensive site assessments. With a penchant for visionary master planning, we lay solid foundations for developments poised for success. 

Our focus extends to the transformative potential of urban landscapes, breathing life into neighborhoods through innovative redevelopment. Moreover, our adoption of modular construction techniques not only signifies our commitment to modernity but also ensures efficiency, speed, and sustainability in all our projects. Guided by stringent construction management practices, we promise an unbroken chain of progress throughout each development phase.


Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life by providing housing, jobs, projects, and opportunities for positive change. 


TMD will bring to life projects for the betterment of the world through innovation, strategic vision, and by using the top human capital to execute projects that provide top tier returns while enriching the lives of everyone involved.


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